"Art in itself is an attempt to bring order out of chaos"

- Stephen Sondheim

At our Summer Workshop, children from ages 5-18 learn how to produce and perform a musical. This educational experience allows kids to build social skills, confidence, and an amazing work ethic all while having fun and creating a family-like bond with children of all ages.

Arts education is important to all youth and we make it our mission to let kids explore this enriching outlet through the many activities that theatre provides. Not only do they get the exciting opportunity to perform on stage, they get to experience what it takes to get there: designing and creating costumes, sets and props, playing in the orchestra, exploring character development, and choreography. Our workshop has a place for anyone that wants to immerse themselves in this uplifting celebration of the arts.



Full length dance numbers and specialized types such as Ballroom, Tap and Jazz.


Both comedic and dramatic through improvisational games and one on one direction.

set design

Every child get the opportunity to draw, paint or help make a set piece for the show they are performing in.


 Group taught and privately taught musical numbers that help teach youth how to read music, rhythm, and proper breathing exercises

Starting in 2011, our Summer Workshops have educated kids about theatre and the arts through shows such as “The Wizard of Oz”, “Shrek the Musical”, and even “Little Mermaid Jr”. This opportunity is available to ages 5-18, and provides family- friendly musicals for the youth to perform and present to their loved ones.

If you have questions about our Summer Work shop or would like more information please contact us.

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